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Police Misconduct

Police officers take an oath to follow a set of rules and guidelines for dealing with the public and criminals. When they fail to follow these rules, it is referred to as police misconduct. Law enforcement officers are guilty of misconduct when they break the law, violate their oath as a police officer, or otherwise abuse their position of power. Some of the most common forms of misconduct include falsely arresting someone, falsifying evidence, imprisoning someone without cause, intimidating a witness or suspect, physically harming a suspect, profiling suspects based on race or other characteristics and sexual abuse. Boston has created the Civilian Review Board to decide whether police conduct has occurred, and the officer or officers in question are subject to disciplinary measures at work as well, including firing and imprisonment. Lawyers like Rosemary Curran Scapicchio can help victims file a claim and stop police abuse.

One famous example of police misconduct is the case of David Woodman from Boston, Massachusetts. In 2008, police arrested Woodman for having an open container of alcohol when he walked by a group of police officers. Witnesses say that the officers were violent and slammed him into the ground where he was held until emergency services arrived. When he was taken to the hospital he was not breathing, had no pulse and his was body cold. He suffered severe brain damage and died at the hospital 11 days later. Woodman's family received $3 million for his wrongful death.

Lawyers that are experienced in police misconduct cases are able to help victims get justice in the compensation they deserve. Even convicted criminals have rights as private citizens to be free from police abuse and misconduct. Many people who are victims of police misconduct do not report it because they worry about police intimidation or fear that they have no legal recourse. Police misconduct cases can be tried in criminal court, as well as in civil court to award damages to the victims. The police officers may be stripped of their badge and lose their benefits. They can even be put in jail for their wrong behavior. It is important that victims of police misconduct stand up for themselves to prevent future cases of abuse by law-enforcement officers.

The best option for victims of police misconduct is to contact a law firm that is experienced in these cases. Lawyers that have a history of working with victims of police brutality, abuse and false arrest or imprisonment are better able to serve their clients and get them justice and compensation. This is because they know the laws about police brutality and are not intimidated by police officers or the police department. Attorney Scapicchio can also help victims decide whether there was police misconduct or if the officers were acting within their rights to subdue a suspect or follow the law. Families of victims that were killed or falsely imprisoned by police officers can also contact attorney Scapicchio for wrongful death suits and to clear the reputation of their loved ones. They may also be able to spare the victims and families from a painful trial by settling out of court.


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