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December 2016: Attorney Scapicchio successfully obtains an Order from the Bristol County Superior Court Relating to Police Officer Misconduct Evidence

In December of 2016, Attorney Scapicchio was able to successfully establish that the chain of custody of alleged drug evidence was tampered with in Commonwealth v. Stephen Cabral. In essence, Attorney Scapicchio uncovered that the samples the State and Brockton Police claimed to seize from Mr. Cabral’s residence were not the same samples ultimately submitted to and tested at the drug laboratory.

As a result of this information, Attorney Scapicchio filed a discovery motion requesting Internal Affairs Division records for all officers involved in the investigation, all drug screenings for the police officers involved in the investigation, and personnel files for all police officers involved in the investigation. Over the Commonwealth’s objection, a judge in the Fall River Superior Court Ordered the Commonwealth to produce this discovery.