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Mrs. Scapicchio and her team are truly Amazing! She is fierce! Her fearless approach makes her a force to be reckoned with. I thank God for strong, powerful, intelligent woman like you in this world we live in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

Chanda S.

Loved the work you did for Sean Ellis on the Trial 4. You have an amazing heart and you a STRONG woman. I definitely give you your flowers for being a strong intelligent lawyer. You are successful. God bless you and good luck to you and your partner that helped Shawn in his case.

Louis-Jean L.

 Dear Ms. Scappichio, I just watched the Netflix documentary on the case of Sean Ellis. I am so touched … you are not only an extraordinary lawyer but  a good Person. I just have the feeling to tell you thank you what you did for this man. There should be more people like you. Greetings from beautiful Austria 🙂

Rotraud T.

Just commenting:I’m so glad that these wrongfully convicted gentleman had you on their side. I do wish this world was full of more women like you. No need to respond, I’m sure your a busy woman. I just really had to thank you for being you.

Elizabeth L.

Hi Rosemary My name is Cheree and I live on the Gold Coast in Australia 🇦🇺 I have just finished watching Trial 4 on Netflix and wanted to say thank you for your efforts in representing Sean Ellis and never giving up on him. I admire your tenacity, what a strength! Keep on doing what you do best – being the best lawyer and pursuing the good fight for truth and freedoms.


Good Evening, I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to attorney Scapicchio for her work at the SJC today. I am the wife of Michael Eagles, the case that she referenced in her oral arguments today. The denial of my husband’s motion was a devastating, and in my opinion, a poorly reasoned decision. We have a reconsideration pending with the court but it’s highly unlikely the court will change their opinion. Ending LWOP for emerging adults is the only chance we have left for my husband after 37 years of incarceration with a nearly impeccable incarceration history and extensive programming. I am an ally in justice reform and advocacy work and am sending positive thoughts for all Attorney Scapicchio is doing. 

Jessica E.

Just watched Trial 4. You are a true champion for justice and the wrongfully convicted!! Just acknowledging your compassion and PERSEVERANCE..amazing angel! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Robert V.

You are freaking AMAZING! I love you and your TEAM!!!! If I might ever be in trouble, you would be my attorney.  I love your tenacity because you know what’s right!

Dairne M.

Rosemary, thanks for everything you do as a criminal defense attorney. There are so many instances where folks that cannot afford proper representation and settle for “adequate” as it is defined by law. How many more Sean Ellis’ are languishing in a cell because they were not adequately defended ? Thanks for giving some a chance. You’re a triple threat; an Irish woman with an Italian last name! (I grew up in one of those homes! Lol) God bless!

P. Jannitto

I watched your Netflix series “Trial 4” and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your passion and fortitude in uncovering a true American problem of wrongful convictions. You bring a ray of sunshine to our profession! God bless you!

R. Firman