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Drug Crimes or Conspiracy

Drug Crimes or Conspiracy

If you have been the target of a State or Federal drug investigation or a RICO charge, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney fast. You need the skilled trial advocacy of Rosemary C. Scapicchio. She has 34 years of experience and a respected reputation for aggressive representation of clients in drug-related cases. Attorney Scapicchio is an aggressive, experienced attorney who has successfully tried a number of drug cases through the state of Massachusetts.

Attorney Scapicchio has been successful in challenging search warrants, phone seizures, illegal stops, illegal exit orders, and involuntary statements. She will aggressively argue motions to suppress any illegal search or seizure. She will fight the Commonwealth, the police, and the government in order to defend and protect her clients.

In Commonwealth vs. Ryan Lincoln, Attorney Scapicchio won a motion to suppress a search warrant, which resulted in the case against her client being dismissed by the Commonwealth. Mr. Lincoln was charged with heroin/fentanyl trafficking, more than 100 grams, and cocaine trafficking, more than 200 grams. All charges against Attorney Scapicchio’s client were dismissed.

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